Sound Fauna – Elephant

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Produktnummer: 20504
Produktinformationen "Sound Fauna – Elephant"


Breite: 14.8 cm
Höhe: 10.5 cm
Künstler "Beto Val"

Welcome to Beto Val's vintage surrealism!

The Ecuadorian artist Beto Valencia, better known on social networks as Beto Val, began his journey into the world of collage almost by chance. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, from his small studio in Quito, this artist came across a vast collection of old illustrations in the public domain, with which he began to experiment and create his first works. This served as therapy to counteract the stress of his daily work, but he soon realized that his imagination was populated with surreal beings and scenes that needed to come to life, and he found in collage the perfect medium to it. Gradually, this hobby became an almost obsessive pursuit for the artist, who now dedicates up to 5 hours a day to exploring and creating new 

Beto Val's collages immerse us in a surreal world full of absurd and eccentric beings, but somehow, they feel familiar, and their existence is not only possible, but 

His extensive vintage surrealism work has been recognized on Instagram, where he now has almost 200,000 followers in several countries, which has made him one of the most recognized Ecuadorian plastic artists in the digital world. This has allowed him to carry out projects for various countries such as the United States, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, Ecuador, among others.