Terms of service

Internet - General Terms of Business

1. General Provisions

The conditions of delivery and payment laid out below apply to all deliveries. Changes to such conditions requested by the customer when placing an order will be subject to our express consent.

2. Prices

The current price list shall apply or, alternatively, special conditions based on a written agreement. Shipping costs will be billed separately. The customer shall be liable for bank charges for payments from abroad.

3. Minimum Order Value and Sales Units
  • private customer: minimum order value must be at least 15 € per order
  • business customer: minimum order value must be 150 € for the first order

In addition to this, business customers have to abide by our sales units for the following items:

  • postcards: 12 postcards per sales unit
  • bottle tags: 12 tags per sales unit
  • all other cards: 6 cards per sales unit


4. Deliveries

Inkognito reserves the right to make partial deliveries of orders. If an agreed deadline for deliveries is not met, the customer is entitled to cancel the order after expiry of a deadline of two weeks.

4. Conditions of Payment

All deliveries shall be paid for either in cash, by credit card, by debit or by COD at our discretion.
In cases of late payment by the customer we are entitled to invoice interest payments on arrears at 4% above the discount rate without being obliged to prove average damage.

5. Rescission of Contract

Inkognito has the right to rescind a contract if a customer has provided incorrect information about their creditworthiness, has stopped payments, or if an application has been made for bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings in respect of their assets, unless the customer pays for the order in advance.

6. Guarantees

Visible defects shall be notified to Inkognito in writing within seven days of receipt of the goods. If considerable damage to the packaging is visible when the goods are delivered, confirmation of such damage should be requested from the transport company upon receipt of the goods. Inkognito is only liable for damage caused by us with intent or through gross negligence. Liability for gross negligence is excluded in respect of professional distributors.

7. Retention of Title

Inkognito retains the title in goods delivered until such time as full payment of all receivables, including future receivables, arising from the business relationship has been made.

8. Place of Jurisdiction and Place of Discharge

The place of jurisdiction shall be Berlin in contracts with professional distributors and legal persons pursuant to public law. Our legal relations are subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

9. Further Provisions

The price list currently displayed here shall determine the prices and scope of performance. Other agreements and additions must be made in writing. The validity of the other provisions shall not be affected should one of the provisions of these terms of business be deemed invalid. The names of goods and rights to text and images are used without this being tantamount to these being made freely available without copyright restrictions.

Status September 2020
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We reserve the right to error and alterations.
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