66016 Hängender Schweine-Engel, Flecki
Piglet with golden wings - flies over couch, night and kidney tables. Made of polystone, hand painted

66065 Amélie-Lampe
Also made famous as the "Pig Lamp", based on a design by Michael Sowa. A pig in a bathrobe holds a lampshade. Seen in the film "The fabulous world of Amélie" with actress Audrey Tautou from 2001. This lamp brings saugemütliches light in the dark, makes wonderful on the bedside table and is a home accessory that fits everywhere. The hand-painted pig is made of polystone, about 53 cm high, with pull switch (without bulb, socket suitable for a 40 watt lamp of all energy classes).

67521 Loriot Buchstütze "Herr im Sessel
Eye feast, hand-painted, weighing over 1 kg, with non-slip felt bottom. Also holds thick tomes on their shelf space.

40588 Das Trumpeltier
Wave ract cat without scruples. How great if someone always knows immediately where to go! Nervous and assertive as it is, the trump animal beckons unrestrainedly through everything that seems right to him or fits well into the stuff. And it guards all the "papers" on the desk for sure. Body made of polystone, hand-painted, arm movement battery-operated. Delivery in a meaningfully printed gift packaging (21.5 x 13.5 x 20 cm), Without batteries (two pieces of 1.5V LR6 MN 1500 are required).  Here you can see the animal in action: https://youtu.be/FSP0vVFyagw

40580 Angie Zitruspresse
Kitchen utensil, cult appliance, gift idea: This lemon squeezer has long been a classic. For those who like it sour and funny, but still don't have a juicer in the kitchen cabinet. For singles, for hobby chefs, for gourmets, for vitamin addicts, for political disenchants, for... Because nuances make differences - in the kitchen, as in politics. A small portion of freshly squeezed can have a big influence! Figure made of stable cast resin, hand-painted with food-safe colours. Squeeze it!

67520 Loriot Buchstütze "Herren im Bad" (Paar)
Loriot, Loriot makes books happy: Mr. Müller-Lüdenscheidt in the bathtub supports the books from one side, Dr. Klöbner from the other. A practical home accessory for your bookcase - for serious and funny books, for your own shelf or as an original gift.

66014 Hängender Schwein-Engel, Eber
Mountain beeer with golden wings - flies over couch, night and kidney tables. Made of polystone, hand-painted.

66015 hängender Schweine-Engel; Sau
Au with golden wings - flies over couch, night and kidney tables. Made of polystone, hand-painted.

40520 Mr. Pen-Holder
Heavy boy, keeps loose leaves on the table and also the pen always at hand. In silver, made of polystone and with non-slip felt bottom

66070 Schlüsselanhänger Wumbaba
According to a draft by Michael Sowa. Known from the books "The White Negro Wumbaba" and "Wumbaba Returns" by Axel Hacke and Michael Sowa, Verlag Antje Kunstmann.