About us 

Foundation, development, change 

In 1984, Michael Etter founded the Incognito Company for Fistful Surprises. It all started with seven postcards from his friend Michael Sowa. Due to the bubbling flood of ideas and enthusiasm, more and more artists and cards joined in, so that Inkognito soon developed into a pearl in the postcard publishing landscape. For almost 40 years, Inkognito has been successful with a strong satirical range. In the meantime, true classics have already emerged; the very first card by Michael Sowa - "Köhlers Schwein" - is still in the range and still a bestseller. But the original idea of creating and producing quirky gift items has also been retained and has already produced classics, such as the pig lamp from the film "The Fabulous World of Amélie" or the "Angie" citrus press. When Michael Etter died suddenly and much too early in 2007, a strong team around his daughter and partner ensured the continued existence of Inkognito. In the following years, Inkognito was further developed into a strong brand. Since October 2022, Inkognito has been the exclusive specialist trade brand in the Anderskartig GmbH group of companies. Even though Inkognito is now shipped from Bielefeld, product development and artist care remain in creative hands in Berlin. 

Assortment and distribution 

 The full name also defines the programme: the Incognito Society for Fistful Surprises has placed its focus on satire. The cards come in classic and unusual formats: Postcards, folding cards in large or small, plush cards, mini gift cards...But not only the cards, but also the idiosyncratic range of gift articles is increasingly appreciated by customers. Especially popular are the Loriot bookends, the infamous bosom memo as well as the breakfast boards and glasses cleaning cloths that spread good humour. Inkognito is based in Berlin-Mitte and also offers rare postcards in a small shop that are no longer available in other shops. Our articles can be found in book and stationery shops as well as in gift shops. Our friendly field service team is the main reason for this. Private customers can also order their favourite cards and articles directly via our web shop. Our products can even be found internationally in all parts of the world: in Europe from Finland to Spain, in the USA as well as in Australia and Asian countries such as Taiwan and Japan. 


 Almost all Incognito artists are either known through their work as book illustrators or have made a name for themselves as illustrators in the media: Michael Sowa, Quint Buchholz, Tetsche, Loriot, Axel Scheffler, Henrike Wilson, Papan, Rattelschneck, BECK, Rudi Hurzlmeier, Gerhard Haderer - to name but a few. New artists are added regularly. Our participation concept makes it possible for the artists to receive a percentage of each ticket sold.

Philosophy and outlook 

 Our aim is not to produce mass-produced, pleasing goods. In addition to high quality, we attach great importance to unique and quirky products that stand out from the usual range. Our products are made for laughs! The commitment of each individual in the Incognito team determines a productive working day. We also consider a service-oriented approach to customers to be very important. We therefore welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have. Write to us: post@inkognito.de In the future, Inkognito will continue to produce greeting cards and gift articles, with special emphasis on the combination of intelligent satire and artistic quality of the images. We will certainly remain true to one thing: the owner-operated and chain store! New funny card motifs, curious articles and, of course, other innovations also await you in the online area. 

 Let us surprise you!