Nervous Cat


Product number: 12925
Product information "Nervous Cat"
Width: 10.5 cm
Height: 14.8 cm
Artist "Javier Mayoral"

American painter born in Spain in 1961, traveled throughout the world and emigrated to the United States in 1990. 

First to New York, later to Phoenix, San Francisco and  Miami, where he lives today with his wife and three children. 

There he taught himself to cook, worked as a private chef on the islands around Miami and painted small acrylics on wood until he managed to live exclusively off his art.

He has been published in Germany and exhibited in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Lima, Hamburg, Philadelphia, London, New Orleans, Miami Art Basel, Kasel, Wels (Austria), Paris and throughout Spain.

He currently sells his works through his website and Instagram and works in licensing projects with record companies, publishers, fashion designers and photographers.